How to connect Bluetooth speakers to your laptop?

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Bluetooth speakers connect not only to smartphones and tablets, but also to many other devices. In this guide, we’ll show you how to pair speakers with each other and connect them to Windows laptops, stereos, and other sound sources.


Connect speakers to each other: Solutions from JBL and Co

Bluetooth loudspeakers are available from many manufacturers and in many different designs. Some systems are even so sophisticated that they can be connected to each other without any additional hardware in order to sound a larger area such as a whole apartment or a house. However, there are also solutions for such models that do not yet support coupling with their peers.

Bluetooth loudspeakers with an integrated option for connecting several speakers are available from the manufacturer JBL, for example. Here the feature with which up to 100 compatible loudspeakers can be paired is called “JBL Connect+”. Some Bluetooth loudspeakers from Sony and other manufacturers also offer a similar function. Especially newer speakers often contain such a feature, but it can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Pair speakers with Windows 7 or 10 and Mac via Bluetooth

If you own a notebook running Windows 7 or Windows 10, or a MacBook, you might want to connect it to a Bluetooth speaker. The built-in boxes in laptops aren’t the most powerful in most cases. Depending on which operating system you are using and which manufacturer your computer is from, the pairing between PC and Bluetooth loudspeaker is somewhat different. However, you always have to switch on the speaker and its Bluetooth function first.

Under Windows you should always make sure that your PC really can handle Bluetooth and that the interface is activated. Notebooks often have a small status light on the device that indicates whether Bluetooth is activated. Just as often there is an additional switch or a special key combination with which Bluetooth can be switched on and off. In case of doubt, the PC manual can help here.

Under Windows 7, click on “Add device” under “Start | Devices and printers”, then select the Bluetooth speaker and click on “Next”. Under Windows 10 you can activate Bluetooth via the Infocenter (the balloon icon in the bottom right corner). Here you can pair the boxes with the PC via “Connect | Device name”.

On the MacBook you activate “Bluetooth” in the menu “System Preferences”. As soon as the speaker is listed here, you can connect it directly to your computer and disconnect it later if necessary.


Connecting a Bluetooth loudspeaker to a system or to a laptop without Bluetooth

If your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, or if you want to connect your Bluetooth speakers to an old stereo system that doesn’t yet support the wireless standard, then you need a hardware solution. The simplest and cheapest way is to use a Bluetooth adapter that connects to your sound source via a jack plug, cinch or optical connector. The small modules usually cost less than 50 euros and give the device Bluetooth.

When choosing the Bluetooth adapter you should consider what you want to do with the gadget. Thus the Chromecast audio of Google supports for example also the extension of the transmission system on several adapters and loudspeakers. Still others offer themselves for it, in order to provide classical loudspeakers with Bluetooth, so that these can be connected with modern sound sources.


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