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How to connect Alexa to Bluetooth speakers?

Connect Alexa to a Bluetooth speaker to comfortably listen to music in your Smart Home. If you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker yet, be sure to purchase one that’s compatible with your echo device. Then connect the two systems.

Which Bluetooth speakers are compatible with Alexa?

1.For the best user experience, connect an echo-certified Bluetooth speaker to your Alexa.

2.Alexa supports the two Bluetooth profiles “Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP SNK)” and “Audio/Video Remote Control Protocols (AVRCP)”. Make sure that your Bluetooth speaker uses one of the two profiles.

3.Before connecting Alexa to the Bluetooth speaker, remove any devices you are currently using with Alexa via Bluetooth. An echo device usually cannot be paired with multiple Bluetooth speakers at the same time.

4.If you want to connect different Bluetooth devices to your echo, you will need a splitter or transmitter.


How to use the Bluetooth speaker with Alexa

1.Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and activate pairing mode.

2.Then launch the Alexa app and select the “Device icon” to add the new speaker.

3.Under “Devices” select the option “Bluetooth devices” and tap “Pair new device”.

4.Select your desired speaker and complete the process.

5.To reconnect a paired device to Alexa, simply say the “Connect” command. The connection will be established with the last connected device.


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