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The advantage of a scanner application is that it allows you to share files that are much smaller than photos and that are also very easy to take. It automatically converts the “photographed” document into PDF format, and often adds some very practical functions.

Ability to adjust brightness and contrast, crop documents and then share them on social networks and messaging services, not to mention annotation options: options are usually numerous.

How does it work?

The very principle of a scanner application on Android is quite simple: they take advantage of the quality of our mobile devices to take a picture of a document you want to scan. Then they determine the edges so that it can be isolated from the bottom.

And finally, she will work on retouching the photo in such a way that it looks like a scanned document. Thus, white becomes perfectly white again, black perfectly black, and everything really looks like a scan like we used to do. The great strength of a scanner application on Android will therefore be its ability to detect the edges of the document in a photo, but also to effectively transform it into a scanned page, whether it is to retouch the colorimetry or even the angle.


In this little game, the CamScanner application is one of the most popular tools. Very easy to use – creating an account is not mandatory – it allows you to scan documents in colour or black and white, adjust the level of detail, search for documents by keywords and share documents with contacts who can comment on them in annotations.

To perform a scan, simply click on the pictogram representing a camera and follow the instructions. If you use the application regularly, it is better to download the (paid) license, which will allow you to remove ads and watermarks from documents.

I personally using this particular apps. Works well for me.


Alternatively, ScanBot offers much the same service… but with a slightly more colorful and eye-friendly interface, which might please you a little more.

It is one of the most popular mobile scanning services. ScanBot is particularly appreciated for the filters it offers to apply to your documents and the ease of use of the option to add a few notes.

Office Lens

For professionals, the Office Lens application promises to scan till receipts and other organizational charts more efficiently, and its compatibility with OneNote is a significant plus.

In particular, the application offers to automatically save the information written on business cards to make it easier to add a contact to your smartphone.

Adobe Scan

Just as focused on productivity as Office Lens, Adobe Scan is extremely efficient and accurate and offers similar options. Scanning a multi-page document is done in a few clicks.

The name makes it clear: the application is part of the Adobe world here and therefore takes advantage of an Adobe Document Cloud link to easily find your documents in your workspace.

How typically such apps works?

This is how a scanner application on Android will work:

  1. Taking a picture of a document
  2. Detect the edges of the targeted document
  3. Review the orientation to rethink it flat
  4. Touch up the colorimetry to find the “scanner” effect
  5. Save as PDF or image for sharing

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