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3 easy ways to clear up space in iCloud

Apple users know that the iCloud is equivalent to a cloud disk, it belongs to cloud storage space, and it does not occupy the phone’s memory. The iCloud is mainly used to store some of the phone’s files, photos and other data.

Apple offers 5G storage on iCloud for free, but many users reflect that it pops up Not Enough Storage alert on iCloud.

How to solve this problem?

Here, we offer you 3 easy ways to get rid of it.


Solution 1: clean up the useless pictures in time

For experienced iPhone users, you will find that it is either photos or backups that run out of iCloud space. For photos, as long as you are happy [iCloud photos], will be automatically upload all your photos to iCloud. Here are many of the emojis saved by daily chat, some screenshots and so on. In fact, we just need to clean up our photo gallery and delete useless photos in time.


Solution 2: turn off some useless backup feature

The backup is the second factor to occupy the large space. The backup function on iCloud can be used to restore books, backup some user data, restore the firmware pack, but it also backs up some useless datas such as cache video, offline map, etc.

Hence, you can turn off some app’s backup features such as video, map and network disk.

Solution 3: upgrade iCloud space

If none of the above can solve your problem, you can only upgrade the storage space, which is not free.

At the same time, there is also a solution, that is, you can user some apps to compress files and pictures on your iPhone to save more storage space.

These are all the ways to solve the “Not Enough Storage” on iCloud. Hope it will be helpful to you.

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