Nokia 9X 5G smartphone leaked

Nokia 9X 5G to offer Snapdragon 855 and 7 Zeiss rear cameras

At present, the major mobile phone manufacturers have announced their own 5G mobile phones one after another. The latest rumors leaked that Nokia 9X 5G smartphone is coming with full of black technology. Now, let’s show you the leaked specs, price and more details.

According to the photos exposed, the Nokia 9X will have a 6.3-inch OLED display, and the phone will be a truly full-screen phone with a front lens designed to lift and lift, and the phone’s frame will be compressed for three weeks. As a result, the screen share is increased to 94.8%.

The reason why the upper edge of the phone is not compressed is that there is enough space to install the photosensitive system and the handset. The design of the phone is in line with the current trend.

Nokia 9X

The Nokia 9X will carry a Snapdragon 855 processor, with 8GB/12GB running memory and 128GB/512GB storage memory. The huge amount of mobile phone memory can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also give users the ultimate game experience when running large games, so that users will not be disturbed by the problem of mobile phone latency.

In addition, the computer will integrate 5G baseband to achieve 5G network to meet the needs of consumers for 5G network.

Nokia 9X

From the exposure data can be seen that the Nokia 9X front double 12 million pixel lens, support AI beauty technology. The rear lens is 32 million + 16 million + 8 million + TOF 3D telephoto lens, which supports OIS anti-shake technology and PDAF phase focus. Nokia 9X will offer a total of Zeiss 7 lens design, such a design is rare in the current market, it is believed that the camera function will attract the attention of many consumers.

Nokia 9X

The Nokia 9X has a built-in 4200mAh battery capacity and supports fast charging technology, a configuration that is in order in the current mobile phone market. In addition, the Nokia 9X will also support a new screen fingerprint unlock technology, greatly improving the speed of unlock.

On the whole, the plane is really full of cool techs, not only the appearance has been upgraded, many configurations have also been significantly improved.

As for the price, the official has not announced, but the author believes that since the phone is full of cool techs, then the price will not be too low, or even likely in the tens of thousands of prices.

As we all know, Nokia was the king of the mobile phone market many years ago. Although it was defeated for various reasons, it can be seen that the former king really lived up to its name. Nokia is likely to return to its glory days again as a result of the launch.

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