Apple considering to install camera on the Apple Watch strap

According to foreign media reports, a recently discovered letter patent, Apple has considered installing a camera on the Apple Watch watchband. The design installs an “optical sensor” at the end of the flexible strap, allowing users to rotate the watch without wiggling their wrists to take the photos they need.

Appple watch strap

For example, the user pulls the watch up to take a picture of the scene in front of him, or fold the strap back to take a selfie. One of the images in the patent also shows that the camera installed at the end of the strap can be rotated freely to take pictures. In addition, a watchband with two cameras is mentioned in the patent file, which is “facing the opposite”. Users can shoot through a “pinch wristband” or voice control. When not in use, the camera is hidden on the inside of the strap.

Apple watch band

Previous products have shown that installing cameras on wearable devices is difficult. Once the camera is tied to the wrist, the user’s photographic options are limited unless they are willing to bend the arm to an almost impossible position. But Apple will be able to solve these problems to the maximum extent possible by installing its camera in a watchband.

There have been rumors that Apple has installed cameras on the Apple Watch, a patent that may have something to do with previous plans. However, the emergence of the patent does not mean that the design will be released soon. Apple applied for the patent as early as September 2016, the same month that Apple released the Apple Watch 2. Since then, Apple has released two more generations of Apple Watch without cameras.

Is it a good idea? What say you?

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