What’s up with LG Stylo?

According to foreign media PhoneArena reported that the, LG Stylo series of smartphones is likely to launch a new model. Recently, some netizens have posted several photos of the new LG machine on Twitter, which looks very similar to the LG Stylo 4 in appearance.

At the same time, a mobile phone owned by LG called LG Stylo 5 has also appeared on the website of the Global Certification Forum, so it can be speculated that the photo of the new LG phone exposed by netizens this time should be LG Stylo 5.

 LG Stylo 5 specs

From the exposed photos, we can see that the, LG Stylo 5 continues the design language of LG Stylo 4 in appearance, and the front of the fuselage adopts the design of full screen without notch, so the proportion of screen should not be low. In terms of interfaces, the LG Stylo 5 seems to be equipped with a 3.5mm headset Jack and a USB Type-C charging Jack.

 LG Stylo 5 design


The core configuration of the LG Stylo 5 phone is still unclear, but the Stylo 5 phone is likely to continue the previous generation with a stylus pen.

In terms of price, the, LG Stylo series are basically entry-level models, so they won’t be too expensive. In addition, with regard to the release data, it is reported that, LG Stylo 4 was exposed at this time a year ago, so it is speculated that Stylo 5 is likely to be officially confirmed within this month.

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