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Something odd happening

The Good News

Finally, my Google AdSense was approved after being rejected for more than 10 times for scrappy content. So, I changed most of the displayed ads on my website from WordPress WordAds to Google AdSense.

What Did I do to remove “Scrappy content”?

I downloaded all my content, before deleting them. Then, I added fresh content (since I have no idea which content of mine Google AdSense considered as “scrappy”). I avoid posting on Hadith (saying of Prophet Muhammad) and quotes from the Holy Quran. Since such content might be consider as duplicate from the sheer amount of information on it available online.

After that, I removed all the ads placement on my widget (side) and footer.

And disabling plugins related to ads.

Then I resubmit the application.

My backup plan if all those effort I mentioned before failed is to re-do my site verification. Although I’m not sure if that going to work.

Something odd

Now, my blog traffic usually around 200-300 page views per day (although it can go up to 15-100 K) but after my Google AdSense was approved, it dropped to less than 20 pages views for a half day.

Now that makes me curious. Does it have any causal and effect relationship to my Google AdSense?

Well, maybe we’ll found more in these few days.


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