YouTube Video Optimization

When you submit a video to YouTube, you must “optimize” your submission by editing its “metadata and content in order to improve its search engine rankings.” This means wording your title, description and tags precisely and carefully, so that users will find your videos when they search for material in your field.

Whether you are posting a video of a cat playing a piccolo or a demo of an invention you want to sell, you have to use the right keywords to draw viewers.

“YouTube contests are a core way of driving user interaction and deep engagement with your content.”

To determine which search terms to use, you must tap into viewers’ thinking. Ask yourself which keywords will bring the right audience to your video. Your keywords should respond to the usual reporting questions:

“who, what, when, where, why” and “how.”

For example, your title might be “How to Wash a Dog” or “How to Brew Good Coffee.” YouTube’s “auto-fill suggestion drop-down menu” is very helpful in determining the right keywords, as are Google AdWords, Google Trends and KeywordDiscovery. Wordtracker helps you “find the specific questions that people type into search engines.”

Determining the right keywords for your videos involves more than creating search term lists and using online tools. Indeed, savvy, experienced video producers already have made ample use of the most likely keywords, so you may find that your video is a small fish in a very big pond.

Add distinct terms that will draw the specific viewers you are targeting, but do not “stuff” your tags with keywords.

Once you have analyzed the words that searchers are most likely to use in locating your video, include these terms in your title, description and tags. Your title must be truthful, precise and evocative. When you are ready to broadcast, don’t limit yourself to YouTube; post your video on the most suitable Web sites to reach your targeted viewers.



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