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To learn what makes video content compelling, watch some of the terrific videos that have gone viral, such as “Battle at Kruger,” “Star Wars According to a Three-Year-Old,” “Otters Holding Hands,” “Disgusting Dominos People” and “Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!”

The best clips convey anecdotes or narratives. To learn to create videos that “inform, educate and entertain,” explore the online instructions offered by YouTube and other providers, like Sony.

“How do you get your new video discovered when most people haven’t heard about it yet?”

To gain an initial understanding of video production, look at the instructional YouTube clip “How Do I Make a Video?” It claims that all you need is a Webcam or a digital camera – or even just a cellphone. YouTube’s Help Center offers a wide range of information on the nuts and bolts of producing videos, from hands-on techniques to production tips for shooting, editing and refining your video. After you capture the raw material for your video, transfer it to your computer so you can edit it.

Useful editing programs include Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Adobe’s Premier Pro. When you have edited your video, save it in a format YouTube can use, such as a QuickTime MOV, Windows AVI or MPG file.

*Disclaimer – Some of these video makers might be outdated.

I just found out that you can edit/create videos using Microsoft PowerPoint which I found to be quite convenient.

“Joining groups allows you to share videos and have discussions on a common theme.”

Upload your video according to the directions from the YouTube Help Center. Submitted videos must adhere to YouTube’s technical specifications. With a normal amount of online traffic and a fast connection, uploading takes less than a half hour. With complications, it could take an hour.

Although, upload speed would also depend on your internet bandwidth and speed. Mine in Bintulu was quite bad, one of my video would take up to 10 hours to be uploaded in Bintulu while similar format and size video would take around 15-30 minutes to be uploaded in Kuala Lumpur.

Sounds simple? Alas, it is not quite that cut-and-dried. Producing quality videos is an art, like producing any other media. Fortunately, information abounds. One option is YouTube’s Handbook. Pay close attention to its section entitled “Nine Classic Camera Moves.” Check out Videomaker, a magazine for videographers, and visit its Web site for solid tips and techniques.


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