How to Build Your Audience on YouTube ?

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To boost your video’s audience substantially, become a “fully vested member of the YouTube community.”

This requires following YouTube’s rules that forbid showing sexually explicit material, “gratuitous violence” or “animal abuse,” and that ban hate speech. Don’t upload “gross-out videos” that are meant to be shocking. To learn about the marketing process, visit YouTube’s blog and view “The Birds and the Biz,” a video that explains how to get your videos featured.

Click on YouTube’s Community tab to access useful “Help Forums.” To increase your video’s viewership, join related YouTube community groups. The best way to get involved in a relevant group (or in several) is to comment on the videos you like. Visiting YouTube’s blog gives you the opportunity to get to know its team members.

That’s a good idea because some of them help select the “spotlight videos” that YouTube showcases. Another way to build your YouTube traffic is to stage a “competition where users submit videos and other users vote on them.”

You know as they says,

“YouTube has the audience for virtually every product.”

Becoming an active member of the YouTube community will help you connect with a few relevant individuals among its millions of recognized “opinion leaders.” Look for them “in the sites linking to a video,” in comments and in filmed responses. When you make contact with the right people, they can help you plan your video marketing campaign tactics.


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