Until when should we continue to seek knowledge?

Knowledge is very important ingredient for anyone who desire the goodness in this world and even hereafter.

Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet (ﷺ) as saying:

If anyone pursues a path in search of knowledge, Allah will thenby make easy for him a path to paradise; and he who is made slow by his actions will not be speeded by his genealogy.

— Sunan Abi Dawud 3643 —

The Great Ibnu Mubarak

One of the great scholar whom I idolized was Ibnu Mubarak. His humbleness and humility was something extraordinary.

It was said that one day, he was ask the question,

“Until when will you (continue) seeking knowledge?”

His answer were,

“Until death”.

Now, compare that to us. I tried my best to keep on learning but at times, both my ego and pride stood in my way. And that’s my jihad, against my own ego and flaws. Hopefully I will be victories for the battle is never ending and hard fought.


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