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Recommended affiliate program

I’ve been using quite a number of affiliate program. But only a few worked well for me.

The One I Recommend

Among the one I would definitely recommend is GearBest affiliate program. Their commission structure is fair and lucrative and the affiliate platform is easy to use and navigate even for a newbie.

An example of the affiliate banner you can expect to see are as follow:

Gearbest Top Bestselling Gears: Up to 50% OFF+Massive Daily Coupons promotion
Top Bestselling Gears: Up to 50% OFF+Massive Daily Coupons

You can click the link below to register for GearBest Affiliate.

The One I Do Not Recommend

Among the one I would definitely do not recommend is Involve Asia. Involve Asia got lots of merchant partners which basically give you a wide array of interesting services and products.

That’s the good part.

The bad part, the commission structure is quite terrible. My experience, my earning has yet to be credited even after 7 months (as of June 2019). Hence, I’ve stopped promoting them since Jan this year.

Sample of affiliate link, for this example, I used GNC based on Involve Asia Plattform.

GNC Affiliate link

There’s no function to create banner from the website. So, you might need to be creative.

Nonetheless, if you’re still interested to give Involve Asia a chance, you can register for free using the button below.


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