How to send the right marketing message to the right people at the right time?

Where this come from?

I’m not a marketing expert, my only qualification, is that of entry level from my years as online seller for Shopee, Lazada, 11street and

So, yes, I’m hardly an expert. But I love reading about it.

So, here’s how to send the right marketing message to the right people at the right time:

1. Demographic

We need to target our market based on core identity factors such as age, gender, location, income and household size.

2. Contextual

Ads in the right place. Make sure your content is relevant to the ads.

Place your ads where the content is most relevant.


Put ads for sport equipment on the sport page or place financial-services ads on money management sites.


3. Behavior

Similar to that of my website. If you notice, there’s a banner for cookies acceptance below.

Network can use cookies anonymously to track each user’s behavior, including visited pages. With this data, my website can deliver ads targeting those who evidence a certain pattern of behavior.


When I visited JD Sports to shop for shoes, the WordAds placement on my site would regularly shows JD sports ads.

4. Geographical

Also known as geotargeting, which lets you to target ads by location, time zones, and Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates.


Facebook ads targeting, you can specify geographical details of your target in details. This would proved to be money better spent.

Therefore, if you have a local business, this type of marketing would be best!

5. Daypart

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This target tactic market according to time of day.


TV ads shown during daytime game shows or soap operas cater to different audiences than those aired during prime time.

On the Internet, at-work users tend to start their mornings by checking the news.

In the evening when Internet usage jumps again, people online give more attention to shopping and entertainment than to the news.


6. Affinity

Users who already have an “affinity” for a site and spend a lot of time on it are more likely to react favorably to that site’s ads.

7. Purchased-based

This uses online surfing habits to predict consumer’s reaction.


Those who are watching their diets hang around health sites longer. Each target market has a fingerprint that marketers can use to identify users and sort them by group.


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