Bluehost Blog Hosting: An Honest Review

It’s not as good as I hope for

Well, in general, Bluehost performance has been quite terrible. Or maybe my expectation was too high.

You might have come across glowing reviews about Bluehost before this.

The Reason

I think the reason might be because of Bluehost affiliate program. It’s commission plan is remarkable. If I was not mistaken, it pays around $65 per successful sale.

One of the most irritating experience I’ve been through is the difficulty to upload / published a post.

Bluehost utilize which make it rather difficult to publish a post using dashboard.

This blog of mine are using plan, but my and are using bluehost. And these difficulties are giving me headaches.

So, if you’re looking to try it. I would strongly advise not to.

And if you’re looking for comparison against other service provider such as SiteGround, I cannot say with certainty how their performance would be.

But the bright side, bluehost is very cheap in comparison to and it allows you to incorporate Google AdSense into your side easily. This however cannot be done in unless you subscribed to a very expensive (in relative term) $25/month business package.

To give a better picture, my bluehost hosting just cost me around $3 per month.

But again, I still prefer plans.

Try it for yourself, there’s a 30-days money-back guarantee

In case your interested to give Bluehost a shot, you can try so using the button below: Oh yes, the link are affiliate link.

And for plans, you can see the comparison of the package below: Nope, the links I attached below is not affiliate link.

That’s my honest review. You may give it a shot for a month to see how it works. Free cancellation (for Bluehost) for the first month. For the premium up to eCommerce plans, the WordAds (WordPress version of Adsense) would be included for you to earn some revenue from the traffic your site generated.

But be cautioned, the revenue amount is pitiful compared to Google AdSense. But then again, that’s my personal experience.

Feel free to share yours!

Once you decided which one to proceed with, I say to you, HAPPY BLOGGING.


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