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This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide by Geneen Roth.


Who is Geneen Roth?

Geneen Roth, New York Times best-selling educator and eating disorder expert. Her deeply personal essays connect her readers, (especially women). What makes her unique is that she uses her life altering setbacks which taught her valuable lessons to start her “drop the Me Project”, which try to ending the practice of constantly focusing on self-improvement.

Among her constant message to her reader is to focus on their life and success and not to dwell on our negative inner voices. I would call that our “demons”. Also to cultivate self awareness and self love.

In simpler words, her essays will resonate well with anyone whose seeking contentment by simply being themselves.

We’ll discuss her methods on working on ourselves later.


“This Messy Magnificent Life” Review

On a 1-10 scale basis, I would rate the book aroung 8.5-9. It is quite a remarkable reading.

The book also done well on the Goodsreads rating, which scored the book at 3.80/5.00 from 136 reviews.

Among the best bits of the book would be on dealing with life problems and actually acknowledging that despite all our hardship, life is truly full of beauty. Now, we have made our ambition in life to be happy. Sometimes, it became our purpose of life.

Even I used to say that, my ambition is to be “happy”. And in hindsight, it was not an ambitious ambition.

Come to thing about it, in my midlife, although might be a symptom of a midlife crisis, my ambition to be ‘happy’ is both shallow and impractical. I’ve moved on to bigger and better ambition.

The pursuit of happiness is impractical because nobody can be happy all the time. And Allah (God) did not bestow on us just one emotion, happy, but there are a whole arrays of emotions for us to experience, there are also love, sadness, frustrations, gratitude, relieve, anger, and annoyed.

Now, that might not sound tempting, but that’s the flavor of life. And I intend to experience them all. Although there’s one emotion I intend to avoid at all cost, and that’s “regrets”.

This book, albeit, tend to Christianity point of view, still a good read. Similar to that of “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Since it is from Christianity point of view, I struggled a bit to finish the book.

However, truth be told, there are lots of wisdom to be found in the book!

You can buy the book from Amazon using the button below. Yes it is an affiliate link. Just so you know 🙂


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