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The Story of the Snake and The Saw

The story goes like this.

snake entered a Carpentry Shop, and as it crawled to the corner, it went through a saw and accidentally wounded itself slightly. Angered by the wound, the snake turned and “attacked” the saw. Biting and wrapping it body around the saw to “squeeze” the saw to death. Unfortunately, it just hurting itself a lot worse than the initial scratch. In the end, the snake died from serious injury from the saw, which was rather self-inflicted.


Moral of the Story

  1. Just because you’re tough does not mean that you have to show it all the time. If the snake, ignore the scratch, it would be just fine.
  2. Anger, it could be the death of us. Muhammad SAW once said, if you want to enter paradise, don’t be (foolishly) angry.
  3. Learn when to quit. If the snake quit before it inflict much more serious self-injury, it might survive.
  4. Oh yes, looking at the incident from a vintage point of view, we might think that the snake was dumb. But, we would be too, if we were embroiled in anger.

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