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Sign of a believer (Muslims)

Allāh described His believing slaves as those who perform righteous actions, are obedient, and strive in worship while they fear their Lord with severe fear because they do not know if their actions will be accepted or not. Therefore, the person must not be amazed by his actions regardless of what he does, because if Allāh does not accept it, then it will have no benefit, even if his actions are numerous and great. If his actions are not accepted, they will be like scattered dust particles; thus, it will have been toil and hard work without benefit.

Book: Sittings in the Month of Ramadān & A Gift to the People of Īmān in Lessons for the Month of Ramadān (2 Books in One)
Author: Shaykh Sālih al-Fawzān
Published by: Authentic Statements Publishing
Translators: Raha Batts and Rasheed Barbee
Page: 185,186


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