Blogger blogging dilemma

100% Original

Well, if you’re one of my avid followers, you might noticed that the amount of posts in this blog has reduced by more than 90%.

Well, that’s because I wanted to keep it real and much more focussed.

From now on, it’ll will be 100% my own written words, rants and epiphanies 🤓

To do list

So, here are some of the to do list which I need to get done. This’ll hopefully help in setting the course for my blog.

  • Create a list of best selling books for none fiction for my book review posts. That will be the niche.
  • Maybe look into reading fiction books. Maybe that will take less time.
  • Oh yes, personal note on Islamic lectures.
  • Quran studies based on Tafsir Ar-Rahman
  • Hadith studies. Try to do my own version of a hadith a day.
  • Reading notes. Longer and more in depth version of my book review. Not going to include all the books I’ve read, only the ones I deemed worthy.

This will be fun 😘

How about all 5000+ post from before?

If you’re interested, you still have access to all my previous post @ MakingSenseOfDeal or

Both and links to my personal articles archives.


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