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Why #BlueforSudan?

Sudan, is in the headline for the wrong reason. There are currently violent in the nation. Where thousands take part in the campaign to show solidarity with protesters in Sudan.

And the trending hashtag is #BlueforSudan !

Social media users are changing their profile pictures to blue. This is as an expression to show solidarity with protesters in Sudan due to recent crackdown which killed dozens of people in Khartoum, the Sudan capital city.


The origin of the trending hashtag was an attempt to honor the memory of Mohamed Mattarr, who is one the the victims of the tragedy, whose favorite color was reportedly, blue.

Mohamed Mattar, 26 years old engineer, was shot and killed during the June 3rd crackdown blamed by protesters on Rapid Support Forces (RSF), RSF is a paramilitary group lead by a senior member of Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council.

His death was a heroic one, killed while trying to protect two women during the bloody dispersal of the protest camp outside the military headquarters. His friend and family changed their profile picture to match his favorite color, and soon, it went viral.

Now, the color represent all of the fallen Sudanese in the uprising.

It is a symbol of hope, since the uprising has gained little to no media coverage at the beginning, but then, the #BlueforSudan went viral. And it gets people attention, and when it gained traction. It also means hope.

And at times, all we need is to know that people care, and to know that even in the darkest moment, that there’s still hope.

Lets pray for Sudan.

May peace be restored.



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