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What is the similarites between Islam and Judaism (Jews)?

We often heard of the so called “Muslim-Jewish conflict”.

But that’s not always the case. In fact, when most of the Jewish population were forced out of Europe, Palestinian accept them into their land with open arms. If only they knew how things would pan out to be.

Not all Jews are bad. Most of the Prophets are from Bani Israil (Jews). So, the Jews and Muslims are basically cousins. And we typically have both bad and good cousins.

But, lets not dwell in differences, lets talk about our similarities, and maybe, we could actually make progress toward peace.


The Similarities

The Quran refers to Jews and Christians as people of the book. Which basically means they have special treatments because of their similar beliefs with Muslims.

One might even describe it as 3 ray of light from the same source.

We Actually Worship the same One God

Monotheistic faith, that’s the term.

Allah is the Arabic name for God. The Arabic name Allah has linguistic connotations that are not shared with the English term God. For instance, the word Allah cannot be made plural like the word God.


Jesus (Isa) PBUH

One of the magnificent character in history of mankind.

Because these two faiths are strictly monotheistic in nature, they both do not consider Jesus to be divine. They both consider it blasphemous to attribute a literal son to God. The idea that God has a son is inconsistent with the uncompromising monotheistic message found both in the Qurān and Torah.

However, unlike Jews, Muslims believe that Jesus is a great Prophet of God who delivered the message of Oneness to the Children of Israel and that his mother Mary was the greatest of all women.



Easy to say that Muslims and Jews treat our prophets differently.

Muslims and Jews share beliefs in certain Prophets. They both believe that God sent Prophets to mankind to deliver the message of monotheism. Jews believe that Moses is the greatest of all Prophets who was sent to mankind. Muslims also believe in Moses, who is in fact the Prophet most mentioned in the Qur’ān. Muslims and Jews also believe in Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. 

Because Muslims believe in all Prophets and Messengers, they also believe in the scripture they delivered. Therefore, Muslims believe that Moses was given a book called the Torah. However, they believe this book was not preserved in its original form. For Muslims the Prophet Muhammad, God’s final Messenger to mankind who delivered the final book, the Qur’ān.


The Significance of Jerusalem

Historically, many of these Prophets resided in the city of Jerusalem.

Both Islam and Judaism consider Jerusalem to be a holy city. Prophet Solomon established the first Temple in Jerusalem which made it the religious center for Judaism. Jerusalem is Islam’s third holiest city after Mecca and Medina. Prophet Muhammad was taken on a miraculous journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then ascended to the heavens.

All of this shows the significance of the city, Jerusalem, as one of Muslim holy land. It’s the land of the prophets.


Hygiene : Practice of Circumcision

Islamic law and Jewish law share many things in common.

In the Bible, Abraham was commanded to undergo circumcision. This practice has been established among Abraham’s children. The Torah instructs that newborns be circumcised on the eighth day after birth.

The command for circumcision is not in the Qur’ān, but the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him required it for his male followers.

Islamic laws also comes from the recorded words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Quran.


What and What not to Eat

For Muslim, it’a Halal; For Jews, it’s kosher.

There are many similarities between kosher and halal, and in some cases, kosher is considered halal for Muslims. For example, the animal to be eaten, must be slaughtered properly, in the most humane way possible, and by mentioning the name of God.

Among our common prohibition, would be pork. We are not allowed to eat pork.

Hijab or Veil

Both religions encourage modesty and require that women cover their hair. This is not meant to detract from women’s beauty, but to channel it to her marriage where it truly belongs. Many married Jewish women wear a scarf to cover their hair. Islam instructs that women wear a headscarf (hijab) after puberty. Along with the head covering, both religions encourage women to dress modestly. This includes wearing long and loose-fitting clothing. Although they both cover in very similar ways, after 9/11 Muslim women have been targeted for their hijabs more than women of other faiths.


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