What is emulsion?

Emulsion refers to an oil and water mixture that does not readily separate.

I usually assume that emulsion is 50% water, 50% crude. But that might not be correct since there’s no way (which I knew of) which can accurately determine how much water and oil content in an emulsion.

Therefore, I usually instruct operations team to check for both BS&W and emulsion levels in tanks nominated for loading. The priority is to ensure that BS&W does not exceed 0.5%. And emulsion would be aimed to be as low as reasonably practical.

The reason?

We declare BS&W figure in our Certificate of Quality but not emulsion.

Therefore, I would issues Statement of Fact (SOF) or LOP (Letter of Protest) to highlight on the emulsion to both the seller and buyer.

Author: Aarif Billah

Those who matters would know, and those doesn't know won't matter

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