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(Book) Winning Well

I have been rather busy this past months, mostly due to business travel and offshore duties. So, book time has been reduced significantly. Has some fun while travel, lots of good food, hence, my #365days challenge took a hiatus.

The book prescribe giving equal weight to four pillars of sound leadership

  1. Confidence
  2. Humility
  3. Results
  4. Relationship

This aims to create a positive environment and generates long-term results while energizing your subordinate, recognizing their achievements and fostering their sense of fulfillment.

Among key points from the book include the needs for managers to specify their expectations, provide resources, reinforce priorities and acknowledge success. Also, need to be clear about the decision-making process and who has the final word.

Don’t micromanage but rather delegate results so workers can improvise and innovate.

When giving out praises, make sure to make it in a focused recognition style. Meaning, recognize success with praise that is pertinent, detailed and “meaningful”.

The purpose of meetings is to decide what must happen, who’s responsible for it, what the deadlines is and how the team will know it’s done.

Make use of the “INSPIRE” framework to guide evaluative conversations with individual employees about accountability, performance and productive behaviors. In case you are wondering, the term “
INSPIRE are acronyms for – Initiate , Notice, Specific Support, Probe, Invite, Review, and Enforce.

However, creating a work environment which can unleash and develop employees internal motivations are crucial, and can also be challenging. Everything needs to be in place, from the talent pools to the resource availability. This reminds me of Ray Dalio’s The Principle, which suggest, getting rid of those who didn’t fit the team is the best for all involves. Yet, most managers nowadays, can’t simply wield the sword, basically due to lack of autonomy or again, talent pools or resources.

End of the day, we must make do with what available to us.

However, another principle from Ray Dalio‘s masterpiece which I truly love, brutal honesty and transparency. Which would greatly encourages honest feedback, encourage vigorous debate.


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