The Discipline of Building Character

Workplace presents three increasingly complex types of defining moments for individuals, managers and executives. And for each type, probing questions can helps us clarify core values, helping us decide what to do.

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1. WHO AM I?

This defining moment ask questions on us to clarify our personal identity while we struggle with two equally valid perspectives.

Questions include:

What feelings and intuitions are conflicting?

Which conflicting values mean the most to me?

How will I implement my personal understanding of what’s right?

As Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins would suggest, we must know who we are first, what makes us do what we do? Self-understanding is crucial, not only for personal success but also for internal happiness.


This defining moments for work groups.

What other strong, persuasive interpretations of the situation’s ethics exist, besides mine?

This question prevents you from imposing your understanding of what is right. Trust me, you don’t want to be the guy that always ‘needs’ to be right.

What point of view is most likely to win the contest of interpretations and influence others?

Based on company culture and goals, group norms, and political jockeying, whose point of view would prevail in your organization?

What can I do to help my interpretation win?

This question enables you to plan for the resolution of defining moments before they arise?


The defining moments of Executives.

Executives running companies face even more complex defining moments that test them, their work groups, and their entire film. They must choose actions that protect all stakeholders’ interest.

Have I done all I can to secure my position and the strength and stability of my organization?
Have I thought creatively and boldly about my organization’s role in society and its relationship to shareholders?
What combination of shrewdness, creativity and tenacity will make my vision a reality?

Carefully assess your components and allies, asking “Should I play the lion (coming out roaring) or the fox (taking an indirect approach)?

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