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Islamic IQ Book by Mommy Hana (Product Reviews)

In short, the ebook is not that sensitive to touch and the pen is not really useful. The plus side is that you can use your finger to point and the voice (audio) would work even with your finger.
I was rather quite dissappointed since the review on Shopee was 5/5 star.
Honestly, it felt more like 5/10 Star or 3/5 star kind of product.
Kudos for the effort by MommyHana. Hopefully the product will be better in the future.
From [Value for Money] wise, it really is poor value for money. Maybe the price might seem cheap until you really calculate it.
I bought the Ebook at RM 72 a piece, while the quoted normal price was RM 104. Seems quite cheap right.
But that was until I calculated that you can buy Grolier Ebook (20 books) at RM 1600. Meaning, Grolier EBook would only cost you around RM 80 per piece.
Therefore, I would prefer Grolier since it is better quality. But it’s harder to find a seller here in Bintulu. Plus, there’s no Islamic version of Grolier.
Nonetheless. Great effort by Mommy Hana.


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