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Focus at Work

How to regain focus at work

Workplace (from designing up to furnishing) generally would make among the top expenses for both CAPEX and OPEX of any business entity.

Ironically, the workplace nowadays seems to be a terrible place to get work done. There are too much distraction of open office spaces which includes meetings, non-work related chit chat, thus, making getting work done slightly harder.

So, here’s a note on how to gain the focus back.

1. Leave your cubicle

Although, this generally might not be a good idea, but when you really need the space and time to work, your boss most likely to understand.

Just make sure you get your boss / superior approval beforehand.

Among good example of possible working space like a public library, coffee shop, or anywhere with a chair and table.

2. Leave your Cable

Charge your gadget beforehand.

So, limited power, limited time. Therefore, psychologically this might make you much more focus on the work at hand.


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