Month: April 2019

Repentance Quote

“Repentance must be done strictly for the pleasure of Allah alone.” Don’t keep this to yourself. Share it & Tell the world. Also, checks these awesome pages 1. How to Lose Weight? 2. Book Review & Summary 3. Personal Development… Read More ›

Masbuk & Muafik

Masbuk Definisi Masbuk Makmum yang ketinggalan Tidak mendapat masa yang cukup untuk membaca al-fathihah bersama imam Menurut mazhab al-Syafi’i, situasi masbuk bole berlaku dalam setiap rakaat. Situasi Masbuk Imam sedang rukuk :Makmum terus mengangkat takbir serta niat Berdiri sebentar (kadar… Read More ›

How to write emails?

With both precision and command ! Vaguely written and poorly formatted email will most likely get lost in the shuffle or ignored (indefinitely). So, here are some of the keys to top lessons on writing emails. 1. Subjects with keywords… Read More ›