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It's Hot, Stay Safe

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High temperature can be harmful to our health, especially to those working under the sun. And as we continuously experiencing climate change, hot spells are expected to be much more frequent and intense.

Indeed a sign of end of times.

Nonetheless, lets take a quick look on how to beat the heat and look after ourselves.

Why it’s dangerous?

Prolonged or intense exposure to hot temperature can cause heat stress or heat-related illnesses as the body temperature control system became overloaded.

Normally, the body cools itself by sweating but under some condition, sweating just might not be enough. Thus, lead to drastic rise in body temperature.

You’re at at much higher risk of this if, you’re

  • Working outdoor
  • Age 65 and above
  • Children below age 4
  • Overweight
  • Have existing illness or on certain medication.

Symptoms to watch out for

Heat exhaustion

This happens when there’s a reduction of blood volume.

Symptoms would include – paleness and sweating, rapid heart rate, muscle cramps or nausea and vomiting.

Heat stroke

This happens when our body temperature rises to above 40.5°C and our internal body system shuts down.

Symptoms would include – staggering, appear confused, having seizure or collapse.


This happens when our skin becomes red, painful and abnormally warm after exposure to direct sunlight.

Heat rash

This happens when there are excessive sweating which causes skin irritation.

Heat cramps

This happens when someone does strenuous activity in hot environment, especially when there’s a depletion of salt and water in the body.

Symptoms would include – muscle pains or spasms usually in the abdomen, arms and legs.

Dizziness & fainting

This happens when there’s a reduced blood flow to the brain. We might experience light headed before fainting occurs.

How to beat the heat?

  1. Drink more water, avoid alcohols, soda & high sugar beverages and coffee.
  2. Wear light-weight, light colored, loose fitting clothes.
  3. Take frequent showers, stay indoor when possible or at least in the shade.
  4. Wear wide-brimmed hat and consider putting on sunscreen.
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