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Top 20 AGE contaminated product

According to the book, How Not to Die, the top 20 most AGE-contaminated products per serving tested were various brands of:

  1. BBQ chicken
  2. Bacon
  3. Grilled hot dogs
  4. Roasted chicken thighs
  5. Roasted chicken legs
  6. Pan fried steak
  7. Oven fried chicken breast
  8. Deep fried chicken breast
  9. Stir fried steak strips
  10. McDonald’s chicken select breast strips
  11. Pan fried Turkey burgers
  12. BBQ chicken
  13. Oven fried fish
  14. McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets
  15. Grilled chicken
  16. Pan fried turkey burgers
  17. Baked chicken
  18. Pan fried Turkey burgers
  19. Boiled hot dogs
  20. Grilled steak

Most are repitative since they cannot actually disclose the brands.
AGE are thought to accelerate the aging process.


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