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The power of chanting God’s Name

Once a Saint was giving a lecture on the power of chanting (repeating God’s Name). He was saying, “Simply repeating God’s Name has the power of taking you to God.” As soon as a skeptic in the audience heard this, he stood up and shouted, “That’s nonsense! How can repeating a word take us to God? If I keep repeating ‘bread, bread, bread,’ will that get me a loaf of bread?”
The Saint snapped, “Sit down, you fool!” The man began to tremble with anger and his face turned red. “How dare you speak to me like that?” he cried. “You call yourself a Holy man and yet you go around insulting others! What kind of a person are you?”
“Sir, I am very sorry if I offended you,” the Saint said, “But tell me, what are you feeling at this moment?”
“Can’t you tell what I am feeling?” the man shouted. “I’m outraged!”
“Oh, sir,” said the Saint, “I called you a fool onceand it had such an effect on you! When this is the case, why shouldn’t The Name of God have the power to make you Godly and pure?”
Moral: Dear friends, this story shows us how powerful God’s Name is, and how it can purify us and bring us close to God. So, to become pure hearted and full of God’s joy, we can make it a habit to chant His Name everyday. We can get into this good habit by chanting for 5-10 minutes before going to bed and first thing after waking up.


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