Day #9 – New Gadget

Bought a new smartphone today, mainly for the better camera – so, maybe need to start fasting from next Monday to compensate for the expense (LOL – although not necessary to do so, I figured it might be a good incentive for me to start fasting for real, have been postponing and self-justifying for delaying it for weeks).

And also to limit my caloric intake.

Check my weight today, and there’s some improvement again. So, it’s a happy day.

Total views stats for my blog has reached the 300,000 mark.


Photo by Mikes Photos on

Food Diary

Breakfast – Plain black coffee with bread toast

Lunch –

The usual.


KFC. One which I regret having. Too much oil.

Lessons Learnt

Fasting – best way to limit caloric intake and save money.

Don’t keep this to yourself. Share it & Tell the world.

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