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Top 3 Mistakes that employee make while handling data

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Data Security

Data security is the practice of handling company data in a safe and secure manner. This means protecting data from intentional or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure.

Mistakes on Data Security

Ensuring data security is one of the top priority for all organization. A data breach can cause all sort of problem, which include financial, operational and reputation damage to any organization.

These are the top 3 mistakes:

  1. Using unencrypted USB drive:
    Using an unencrypted USB drive to transfer or back up data puts the organisation at risk. USB drives can be easily stolen or lost, and without encryption, the data can be misused. An unsecure USB can also be easily infected with malware. It then becomes a carrier of the malware and can infect all the devices it comes in contact with.
  2. Using personal email for official business:
    Using a personal email to share company data is a major security threat. When company information is shared through third party email providers like Gmail or Hotmail, it is stored on mail servers anywhere in the world, outside of the company’s control. This means there is no way of knowing all the places where company data is stored, or where it’s been transmitted. This poses serious risks of IP theft, losing company privacy or violating customer privacy.
  3. Using WhatsApp and other unsecure messengers:
    Company information is appropriately protected within the enterprise. However, when it leaves the organisation, we lose control over it. This is what happens when we share company data over WhatsApp, and other similar messengers.
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