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(Oil & Gas) Meter Proving

General Definition

Meter proving is the physical test to determine the accuracy and performance of liquid flow meter.

This is done to check the operating condition of the meter in comparison to the condition under which the meter is calibrated. This test will account for the changes in the meter accuracy and verify repeatability and linearity of the meter.

How Proving Is Done

A liquid meter in series with a meter proving, which a known or base volume is such a way that all the liquid measured by the meter is also measured by the prover.

So, regardless of the prover and meter type, the same basic principle applies

During proving operation, the condition should be consistent and stable:

  • Flow rate
  • temperature
  • pressure
  • liquid characteristics: API gravity, viscosity.

Prover Types

Open Tank Prover

Pipe Prover

Small Volume Prover (SVP) / Compact Prover

Pipe prover and small pipe prover has known base volume which will be correlated with the pulse generated from the movement of pipe prover ball. Small pipe prover is being used where the allocated footprint of the prover is limited.


A small volume prover (SVP) is a prover that will collect less than 10,000 meter pulses in a prover pass. 10,000 pulse per pass is to generate the mathematical precision necessary to calculate accurately a four decimal point meter factor.

Master Meter

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