Never Waste Food

A bit of reminder for myself

Always appreciate what I have



I had dinner at Paradigm mall tonight. A bowl of fancy named spaghetti that cost me RM25. It looked good in the photo but tasted like linguini drenched in salt soaked olive oil.

One of my dining companions suggested that I return it and ask them to make a new one or reorder something else.

I didn’t. Because of a security guard named Mahesh that used to work for me.

He was in his late 40s when he worked for me. A father of 4, he was hardworking although a bit temperamental. But he never missed a day of work. Ever reliable, I decided to take him out for dinner one night when he had the perfect attendance record for 3 months in a row. A rarity of sorts in this business of 26 days work, 12 hours a day.

It was just a simple meal at the mamak once he finished his shift. He ordered nasi kandar and I ordered Maggi mee goreng. Tak mau sayur dan telur mata kerbau letak atas.

When my dish came, it was mee goreng biasa with sayur and telur already mixed with the noodles. So I rejected it and asked them to make me the one that I ordered.

The waiter took the plate of noodles and left it on a table near to the counter and proceeded to order what I wanted which came exactly as I ordered.

After eating, and saying thanks to Mahesh, I proceeded to the counter to pay. I saw through the corner of my eyes, Mahesh walking to where the first mee goreng was and from his gesture, asking the waiter if he could dapao the unwanted meal. I was shocked at first. Then I asked him if he didn’t have enough to eat, I could always order more for him.

He told me “Boss, anak anak dalam rumah jarang keluar makan boss. Ini lagi bagus bagi mereka makan dari dibuang “.

I had never felt so ashamed of myself as that time. Ended up ordering some more stuff for his kids and wife although he protested profusely but it was the least I could do for the lesson I learned from him. It cost me less than RM25 for everything.

So yes, I will eat that linguini even if it doesn’t taste as what I expected it to taste. I may not return to that shop again and even if I do I doubt I will order the same dish again. But I will eat whatever it was that was put on my table.

There could be a kid out there who can only fantasize sitting on the seat I sat on tonight, whose father can’t afford a RM25 bowl of noodles.

When we count our blessings, we often find that we have less to complain about in life. And sometimes, even when we do find things to complain about, there will be people who will consider it to be a blessing.

YiLyn Chan

Credit – YiLyn Chan / William Cheah


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