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I’m Not Infallible

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As the title suggest, apparently I’m not infallible. As it is my habit to try to be the very best at what I do.

Apparently, still I’m not infallible. This fire me up to improve on my skills.

Although, for the past few months since I’ve read The Principles by Ray Dalio, I began to question myself.

“How do I know I’m right?”

It seems simple, although, questioning myself is a good idea. Apparently, something might went wrong in the reporting which I overseen for the last 6-months of 2018. It’s not anything major which could affect the official reports, but I pride myself on doing the right thing in the first place. In fact, the amendment made would have no effect whatsoever on the official reports, but again, my pride was hurt.

As Dan Ariely suggest in his book, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty , we all lie / cheat up to certain extend, especially to ourselves. Maybe the lie which I told myself was, I can’t be wrong, especially when I’m rarely wrong in the first place. So, Ray Dalio has a point, a point which I intend to implement in my life, both personal and career wise, “How do I know I’m right?”.

So, maybe I shouldn’t be prideful in the first place.

I was wrong. I was not on top of things.

This will never happens again.

I will no longer accept anything (reports, stories, rumors) at face value.

It will never happens again.

It’s good to be confident, but over-confident can kill you!

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