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Why should anyone being lead by YOU?

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A Hard Question

Well, such question, if asked directly would likely to strike fear in the hearts of most executives. Even me ! I might be loss of words.

Such fears actually comes with good reason. You can’t get anything done without followers and we living in the age of “empowered” times. And honestly, followers are hard to find, except, by those leaders who excel at capturing people’s hearts, minds and spirits.

For long I think I was very good at these kind of things. But my experience in the manufacturing industry might have roughen me up a lot. Even though it makes me stronger in holding my ground, but at the same time, my people skills took a nosedive. Nonetheless, I reckon I still able to get others to do things my way, but at the moment, I’m trying to loosen thing up a bit.

I don’t want to rule with iron claws, or even described as a dictator.

Now, how do we do get others to follow us?

Among the key ingredient I would say -vision, energy, authority, and strategic direction. Also, plus these side ingredients :

  • Show you’re human, selectively revealing weaknesses.
  • Be a “sensor”, meaning collecting soft people data which lets us rely on intuition.
  • Tough empathy. You need to genuinely care about your followers. Most of the time, we can tell if people are faking their interest in us.
  • Dare to be different – capitalize on our uniqueness.

So, as it is a list of ingredient, therefore, the qualities need to be mixed at the right “quantity” for the right “recipe” or moments.

However, without all of these ingredients, we might climb to the top. But few people will voluntarily follow you, and your company won’t achieve its best results.

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