Day #1 The awakening

Day #1

So, this is day #1. I’m excited !Emotionally this is not a demanding day. Stress levels virtually zero 😁
Physically a little bit affected by cough. Otherwise perfectly healthy. Steps count of 4K. 😒

Food Diary

Breakfast : Skipped

Lunch : 11.30 AM

Maybe I should learn calories counting 🤔

Snack :

I had Cadbury after office hours. Craving for something sweet. Might be a sign of resistance to dieting 😅

I prefer kinder Buenos 💕


Didn’t finish the whole course, but still ate more than I should 😑

I might over ate tonight 😂

Thoughts of the day | Lessons learnt

It is a great idea to truly knows the objective and audience of a meeting before actually going to the meeting.Don’t want to end up like me today, a junior executive in a meeting of CEOs.And it is very important to know and do your job well and be seen to swift through without looking out of depth.


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