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Dare to be DIFFERENT

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Dare to be Different

I’m different to most. Very different. But although it can be a weakness, at times it also a strength. Depending on the context.

Some of my friends even describe me as “terrifying” when they first met me. But after knowing me better, they seems not to fear me anymore.

It might seems silly, to me at least. Since both my wife and kids doesn’t seems to fear me at all. And it kind of a good thing really. I don’t want to be feared.

We are all unique, nobody is build 100% similar to others, therefore, capitalizing on what’s make us unique would signal our separateness as a leader, and motivates others to perform better.

Followers tend to push themselves more if their leader is just a little bit distant. But, that also depend on which type of leader you choose to be.

Just as in football, consider the difference in approach and leadership of Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (OGS) at Manchester United. Both are great leaders with different approach. Although you might argue, OGS has better results but Mourinho has better track record. As I mentioned earlier, Mourinho leadership style might not work well with the Red Devils squad, but it work well at other clubs. So, adaptability is also important, but then again, we never really know what’s going on behind the scene.

Quick Tips

  • Don’t overdo it. Make sure you become the pack leader, not the pack outsider. Be akela not shere khan ! (Note, if you have no idea who akela and shere khan are, watch the Jungle Book)
  • Distinguish yourself ! Make sure you are the gold standard for dedication and qualities. Among great qualities would include the likes of imagination, expertise and courage !
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