My own #365 days challenge?

My very own #365 days challenge Challenge

I’ve been thinking about starting my own #days challenge.

So far I’ve seen #21 days, #90 days challenge, but I’m thinking about a more long-term challenge.

And this time, it’s about my weight and body management 😂

I’ve been studying and reading a lots on health lately, and maybe I should start practicing what I’ve learnt myself.

Plus, I’ve also learnt a bit about psychology side of it. It seems tough, but I already kicked my debt to the curb, now my next victim shall be my ‘overweight’.

My current weight is 73kg with 1.64m height which makes me around 27.1 on the BMI scale. So that’s overweight.

In order to be normal range, the BMI should be between 18.5 – 24.9

So, my weight would be around 50kg (BMI 18.5) upto 67kg (BMI 24.9).

So, if I were to target normal, I would only need to shave off 6 kg but this time around, let’s go for 55kg. Which I hope makes it more challenging target and might take a bit longer. Hence the #365 days challenge.

I’ve done it with my personal finance, now it’s time to take it up a notch.

I’m eager to start 😁 plus my wife said I’ve been dieting for the past 3 years which blown my mind. Haha. Frankly speaking, I forgot about that.

So, today, a new life resolution, let’s blog what I eat on daily basis, what I do on the day, my emotional journey, physical journey, and maybe we’ll gain some valuable insights on human psychology (although most likely it’s only my psychology).

Nonetheless, I would be able to know me better 😘

Oh yes, one more resolution is about blogging from my phone, I’m going to call it, #phoneblog. Maybe it sound dumb. Hahahaha. It’s doesn’t seem efficient if I only blog from a laptop or desktop, it left too many thoughts left unrecorded.

So 2 resolutions

  1. #365 days fitness and health
  2. More #phoneblog, more records on what I’m reading, thinking, feeling (if it’s not too mean, or too specific).

Well, that’s that.

Wish me luck, cause I’ll need it in abundance 💪


Let’s begin, Bismillah


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