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(HBR Notes) You Needs Mentors

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Finding a Mentor

We all know that finding a mentor is valuable. But, the odds that we actually have one is pretty rare. Besides, the only time we likely to get a mentor was when screw something up pretty bad. I was once had a mentor when my grade went down the drain (since I was way too focus on my business), my university appointed one of the professors to be my “mentor”. What I remembered was, my mentor said, “You need to awaken the giant genius” since I went from A students to C/D students. This I would engraved on my memories ever since.

Although in the hindsight, the skills I learned from my side-hustle during that time was great, but I truly cost me my CGPA. Nonetheless, no regrets there. I was still awesome 🙂 And as Daniel Kahneman would suggest, I would have done the same if I could do it again. Although it might be a futile effort to justify my own action.

Napoleon Hills would suggest or recommend we create our own mastermind groups, which are a curated mix of peers who met regularly to discuss professional challenges and actually hold one another accountable. However, I would prefer a much less formal arrangement, which sometimes called a mentor board of directors, or a personal boards of directors. Napoleon Hills also suggest for a imaginary boards, which I also have one, but most of the time, I vetoed the votes.

A tribe of mentors, or a group of mentors is much better. Imagine, all the individuals you look up best criteria all mixed into one complete package. This is a great way to create an ideal future you. Besides, this also allows you to look beyond the classic notion of a mentor as someone who is older and wiser than us.

In fact, mentors can be our juniors. That’s only if our ego would allows us.

What specifically do you want to learn?

The first step is a rigorous self-assessment. Ask yourself, what skills do you need to get there? Who is the best at the skills you need?

For example, if you intend to move up the management ranks, finding a mentor with great delegation skills or the ability to build relationships with difficult employees could be valuable.

And don’t forget about personal qualities in addition to tactical skills. Biggest game changer for you professionally may be cultivating more patience or more humility.

In my case, I intend to develop my humility and patience. Might be wise to start a daily log. More into that later.

Make it reciprocal !

In order to make any relation works, it must be reciprocal. And as true to any relationship, the same should be applicable to mentorship as well. The rule is simple, make yourself valuable in return. When you’re new or just starting up, the only valuable things you might be able to offer is hard works and preparedness. And this you can do without any costs.

Now, professional success requires a cocktails of skills, knowledge, and abilities, more than we could ever hope to learn on our own. That’s why mentors who can help us improve are so critical.

So, keep your eyes on the horizon for one. And keep on improving.

Oh yes, before I forget, if you’re interested to learn more on this, buy Tim Ferris’s book, Tribe of Mentor.

Buy Now Amazon ($ 19.50) | Kinokuniya (MY) (RM 74.90)

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