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(Life) 1st Impression

All-too-common Problem

Unwittingly making a bad first impression is an all too common problem.

This include as not coming across as you would intend to do especially in your initial encounter with someone. This could cause a big problems in both our personal and professional life.

People may mistrust you, dislike you, or not even notice you. Sometimes the fault is your own, you might screwed up and you know it. But more often than not, bad first impression might come from our humane biases in how one perceive another. And this happens routinely.

Bad News & Some Good News at The End

Research actually suggest that only weak correlations between what others think of us and how we see ourselves. So, if you’ve ever felt under-estimated, stepped on someones toes, or thought that false and hurtful assumptions were being made about you, YOU PROBABLY RIGHT.

In short, the way we see one another can be irrational, incomplete, inflexible and largely (although not entirely) automatic.

There’s no way we can perceive people accurately. No one can truly is an “open book”, there’s always a hidden side.

It’s very important to understand that, our words and behaviors are always subject to interpretation.

A statement of truth, which I would be wise, to remember it myself. Your colleagues has no way of knowing what or why you are behaving as you are, but she will pick an interpretation, not a fault of theirs, mainly just because that’s what our brains do.

We now know that errors in reading people are highly predictable, because perception is governed by rules and biases we can identify and anticipate.

It’s therefore possible to ensure that you’re making the right impression more often than not, and even in some cases might be able to correct any misperceptions that others might have on you.

So, that’s my new Instagram hashtag. #fake #fakeittillyoumakeit

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