(Wealth) The Middle Class Trap

The Trap of the Middle Class

People who belong to the middle class often settle for getting just enough. They want a comfortable life, a good job and some money in the bank.

In 2009, The Economist magazine said that almost half of the world belongs to the middle class due to growth in “emerging countries.” It suggested that the members of the middle class have the flexibility to spend a third of their incomes on discretionary things they want after they pay for basic needs.

But, in fact, the middle class is getting squeezed.

Rising prices and the failure of salaries to match inflation account for some of that squeeze. Pundits, educational establishments, politicians and the media urge most people to compromise rather than to work for abundance.

That advice makes no sense.

The richest 5% of people in the world control $80 trillion of its wealth. If you have the capacity and the gumption, shouldn’t you join them? The richest 5%?

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