(Success) Potential

Embrace Your Potential

Most people don’t consider success all that important, or they think that only other people can achieve it. Or they want only a little success, believing that would tide them over.

These attitudes explain why most people don’t get anywhere.

How much of your potential do you use?

You might feel uncomfortable with the answer. If you don’t think success is imperative, you won’t live up to your potential. People may spend their lives explaining why they didn’t succeed. This could happen to you if you regard success as just another option rather than as something you must attain.

As the saying goes, the grave is where all the untapped potential lies. Where dreams, great inventions and arts goes to slumber in death, in which the world would never see.

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

Don’t keep this to yourself. Share it & Tell the world.


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