(Reminder) Fear of Sustenance


Iblis make us fear of poverty and to distrust Allah. The Prophet ﷺ taught us how to trust Allah especially when we are going through severe hardship. The Prophet taught us to sedekah, solat duha, read surah waqiyah, other related Quranic surah and zikr. The Awliyah Allah had shown us it does work through their striving and following the footsteps of the Prophet ﷺ.

So do not ridicule, to think how this gonna work. It’s not going to be instant how rezeki will come so fast to you. You have to be patience. Don’t make fun to say all these are nonsense and people are using religion as means for their comfort in dunya. You may meet the wrong people, doesn’t mean everyone are the same. Be careful of mocking the prophetic invocations. You may end up losing your faith.

Allah himself said, there be unknown sources for us to gain rezeki because He is the provider.

– Sidi Khalid Ajmain –

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Categories: Islam, Tazkirah


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