(Opinion) MentorBox Does it Worth it?

A Quick Look

The Front Page
The Founder : Alex Mehr Ph.D and Tai Lopez
You have to subscribe with your credit cards details. And no sample of service provided.
They did offer 30-days money back guarantee, although the refund process is manual. So, there’s a risk there.

This is the products or they claim-value-per money spent.

Most of the time, this type of value or figure could and most likely be exaggerated.

It would be much more believable if the values are detailed out. Although that might be a bit lengthy.

Plus, mentorship is important in our life, some look up for extra-ordinary successful personnel in our field of choice.

In my case, I would look up to Muhammad SAW for character and spiritual, and also for Elon Musk for grit and hard work. But in Elon case, I would prefer to act based on my perceived ideals of him, rather than all of him. In Muhammad SAW case, he is the most perfect example in humanity to follow.

As they say, never meet your heroes. They do tend to disappoint.

Quran 68:4

And indeed, you are of a great moral character.

Quran 68:4

Now the Verdict

In general, a NO-GO for me.

False Guarantees & unauthorized withdrawal.

False Guarantees regarding 30 day trials which in this case means that customer Support is non-existent for re-funds

Even one of the verified user has this to say,

Signed up for the $7 a month trial. Whilst attempting to exit an upsell page I clicked an ‘X’ which deducted a further $199 from my account. 

I emailed complaining that this was an unauthorised withdrawal. No response, no refund. 

Further searching of ‘Mentorbox reviews’ bought up 100’s of negative reviews focused around unauthorised payments, inability to cancel or a complex fight to get funds back. 

Eventually, I had to cancel my card to prevent further unauthorised payments. 

Avoid at all costs.

From a knowledge perspective, getting tip-bits from the authors themselves is awesome. But there’s too much up-sell and honestly, the unauthorized withdrawal scares me.

Besides, in most books, especially non-fiction, the content can be a duplicate of other books with some minor upgrade or perspective. That’s the reason why I can read through some non-fiction books in less than 3 days.

Other than scanning for major ideas, worthwhile analogies, or even awesome key-phrases, most ideas are repetitive.

Take Dave Ramsey for example, most of his ideas in his book can be learn from his podcast or his YouTube channel video.

Take Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, I actually read The Secret Letters of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari first, before reading
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and honestly, I love the latter better. The keys lessons are similar, but the analogy and story telling which makes it better.

Yes, it is important to have mentor(s), but I also believe in mutual relationship. In career life, your mentor should have something to gain from you as you from them. It should be a relationship of respect and trust.

MentorBox is a No-Go for me. Read more books. It would only take a few to change our life, for the good or for the bad. The choices are in our hands, and for that we will be hold accountable for our choices.

What do you think?

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