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(Life) Starbucks Analogy

In 2008, the US economy came under enormous stress. Latest in the long list of economic recession.


Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, did what most other executives did and that means he cut costs. He also did something most other executives did not, he traveled around the United States to meet his company’s customers. Schultz set out to discover how Starbucks could do a better job of satisfying its customers.

His actions exemplify extraordinary massive action. Starbucks sells something customers want but don’t need, especially in tough times. But because it satisfies its clientele, Starbucks thrives. Clue, it’s in the simple details, on how the customer service works, how fast the service are, it’s location. So, people might ignore the fact that don’t actually need it, ignore the so called the ‘latte factor’, which makes millions of us never reaches the millionaire status. (maybe more into that later).

In order to achieve excellence, consider this. Most workers in the United States read about one book a year (lots of them didn’t even bother to read at all) and work fewer than 40 hours a week, Elon Musk claimed he works over 100+ hours per week, now consider that. Therefore, as the stats would suggest, they make about 300% less than senior executives who read more than 60 books a year.

Most people often criticize the salaries of highly paid executives, but such critics discount how hard a well-paid CEO must work.

“Disciplined, consistent, and persistent actions are more of a determining factor in the creation of success than any other combination of things.”

“Fear is actually a sign that you are doing what’s needed to move in the right direction.”

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

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