(Facebook) Organic Reach Now Reaches All Time Low

I’ve put up quite some amount of articles about the misgiving of Facebook lately. Although the bulk of my blog followers are on Facebook, the organic reach from my Facebook page is terribly low.

I’ve been using Facebook Ads to find like minded individuals to ‘like’ my Facebook page. But even after that, the organic reach is terribly low. So, I decided to put an end to Facebook ads.

Let’s try Gary Vee ‘Jab, Jab,Jab Right hook’ method. I’ve been putting too much right hook without any jabbing.

It kind of underutilized knowledge. So, need to make amend on that.

Now, based on the cost/like is only at RM 0.02/like which is in my opinion quite cheap. Referring to the performance of the page ads, the cost for 5301 likes is only RM 99.57. Although the performance or relevance score of the ads is only 4/10, but the cost averaging per like is cheap.

But, if we were to compare these stats to the organic reach of the page, its 0 organic reach for an article I’ve posted 11 hours before.

It’s kind of odd considering the total follower (not likes) of the page was 25k, none of the has seen the post.

1 share is mine, to my other page.

Now, that’s terrible. The reason I do Facebook Page Like ads is to grow those organic reach. And it’s not working.

So, lets experiment on ‘jabbing’. Might works better.

Who knows. It would be interesting to find out.

In case you’re thinking about Facebook Ads, below is the categories which they offers.

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

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