(Wealth) Changing Economy

The Changing Faces of Work

As the economy regains its health, hiring naturally is increasing. But many full-time jobs that vanished during the economic downturn are gone forever. Far fewer people have conventional office jobs; many more are independent contractors or temporary workers.

“As the workforce becomes increasingly individualized, we’re forced to become more intentional and imaginative about how we come together and support one another.”


Freelancing has its advantages. You can choose your projects and, in many cases, the people with whom you want to work, although finding your gig at first would be hard at first.

Telecommuting has created more employment options. According to Global Workplace Analytics, “half of the US workforce now telecommutes at some point.” The number of people regularly working at home increased 103% from 2005 to 2014. And these trend would only increase, giving the fast development of fast internet connection and the overwhelming increased of millennial in the workforce.

Freelancing can be scary. Yet a 2014 US national survey conducted by Freelancing in America revealed that roughly eight of ten freelancers find that their earnings equal the income they made as employees and four in ten made more. Acquiring health insurance and other benefits is challenging for freelancers, but they have flexibility and can generate income from multiple sources instead of relying on a sole employer. Freelancing is a viable alternative for those with childcare obligations and other responsibilities outside of an office. Although as mentioned before, starting off could be a daunting tasks.

Honestly, in our world today, you’re likely not all that safe no matter what your job.

I say choose challenge.

Choose beauty.

Choose love.

Choose passion.

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

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