(Fitness) A series of Small Habits

It’s now 11th February 2019. Well past 1st January 2019 without exception a supposed turning point for many of us. Either looking to lose weight, get fitter, read more, or get richer.

So many time, this so called turning points doesn’t last long. Yes, old habits die hard.

However, some psychologist would argue that, the trick, is to make small sustainable changes one habit at a time. Sound reasonable.

Therefore, hold this 4 principles in mind.

1. Counting Steps

Rather than going from being sedentary to trying to train for a marathon, try adding 1,000 steps to your daily step goal per week until you hit 10,000 steps a day.

How can you do this? 

Park your car longer at office. A quick walk after office hour, or even before office hour.

You’ll be surprise how quickly those steps would add up.

In my case, I opt to make a daily trip to the dumpster. It helps me keep my home clean while adding miles to my steps counter.

Still a work in progress nonetheless.

2. Cut the Calorie

Well, I’ve tried Atkins diet. Maybe not for me. So, now I trying intermittent fasting. And even if I’m not fasting, I’m trying to cut down on the amount of food I’m eating.

As per main lessons from documentary “In Defense of Food” which can be summarized as “Eat real food, Mostly Plant, and Not so much”.

I’m hungry for most of the time when I’m started cutting calories. But now, the effect is much lesser and my appetite improve.

No longer compulsive eater.

Sign of improvement. I think.

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Another simple option is by cutting empty calories and sugar from our life. Or even reducing could helps.

3. One size doesn’t fit all

Just as I mentioned in previous post on social tips, Be You.

So, as in your fitness journey, don’t blindly follow others, experiment with yourself.

Another important tips, don’t simply trust everything you read online. Especially if they’re are promoting a products. (*note: yes I do some affiliate marketing myself, but not at the expense of others, only promote products that I believed in).

There’s an overload of information in the internet, therefore, filtering the right from the wrong stuff might be a daunting task.

I recommend reading more books.

Read more:

Focus on the Big Picture & the small wins

In weight loss, or fitness in general. It will take time. And you might wants to quit.

Just remind yourself, of the reason why you decided to start in the first place.

Just as Simon Sinek put it,

“Start with WHY”

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

Don’t keep this to yourself. Share it & Tell the world.

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