(Book Review) Out of Our Minds The Power of Being Creative

Sir Ken Robinson is a creative expert and I’m a big fan of his Ted Talk. He challenges the way we’re choose to educate our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems in order to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.

Above are my favorite ted talk. He garnered more than 45 million views with his 2006 TED Talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity?

I would rate his book at 8/10 ⭐. Although I might be biased since I love his ideas and his Ted Talk.

A bit about the book

Revolutionary change requires creative approaches to wrestle with complex and unique challenges. Organizations of all types seek people who can think creatively, invent innovative solutions and adapt to a changing world. Creativity and innovation expert Sir Ken Robinson, whose TED talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity?, garnered one of the largest audiences of all time which cautions that mass education systems designed to produce workers for the industrial age don’t prepare students to meet new world challenges.

He advocates a full-scale transformation of education systems on the premise that intelligence and the creative process are “diverse, dynamic and distinct.” This is a scholarly exploration of the evolution of mass education and attitudes toward intelligence and creativity. 

Society faces an unprecedented pace and scale of change thanks to population growth and advances in technology and the human ability to imagine, create and innovate offers a guide in this challenging new landscape, but people must be educated for the modern world. Most of our education system focused on producing workforce for the industrial section rather than preparing our children for a life of their own. In my opinion, it is the primary reason why financial education is not on the menu.

Now, an education system’s three responsibilities are “personal, cultural and economic.” The assumption that certain academic disciplines have more economic value than others creates a hierarchy of subjects in school systems.

The policy decision to treat intellect and emotion as separate entities influenced the development of education systems.

Quote Collection

Innovative organizations focus on “imagination, creativity and innovation.”

Neuroscience shows that human intelligence is “diverse, dynamic and distinct.”

Creativity means coming up with unique ideas that have worth.

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